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Who are we?

BATKON was established by  Istanbul Technical University - Electronics Engineering Graduate İlker AYDIN by transforming the Energy Storage Technologies Development department of AIM Energy Technologies Inc., which started its R&D activities in 2011 at Istanbul Technical University Technopark , into a new company BATKON at the beginning of 2017,


All Energy Storage and battery management technologies developed by AIM Enerji since 2011 and the patents with the related know-how were transferred to BATKON. Same R&D team continues to develop products on battery management technologies and energy storage systems after its establishment, BATKON has added Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to its R&D portfolio since 2020.




Our quality policy

By putting customer satisfaction at the center of our activities, to understand the current and future needs of our current and potential customers and to provide quality products and services and produce solutions to meet them.

To increase the satisfaction of our customers with the principles of 'sincere approach' and 'superior service' and to provide after-sales support of our services without interruption.

Timely and complete delivery of Technical Support and Service is an indispensable part of our 'QUALITY' approach.

To prioritize honesty and mutual trust in all our relationships, including our customers and suppliers.

It is not content with preserving the current situation, but adopting continuous development and improvement as the basic philosophy.

To increase the competitiveness and development power of our company and to see competition as an opportunity to increase our quality.

To ensure the continuous improvement of working conditions in order to increase work efficiency and quality.

Keeping the education level of the personnel at the highest level by keeping up with the technological developments, always improving our level of knowledge by giving importance to research and education, and sharing the information with our employees and customers.

To see team spirit and teamwork as one of the indispensable elements of our company principles.

To continuously develop and improve all our processes and product/service quality.

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