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Batt Lion - 48V Lithium Battery System for Telecom Applications

Thanks to BATKON's studies on 48 V based stationary energy storage systems used in telecom applications, BattLion 48V based Lithium Battery Management System has been designed and produced for any need in the range of 10 - 100 Ah.



BattLion is a product family which can be packged in various type boxes including 19 inch rack compatible boxes. System uses LFP type 15 series Lithium battery cells to form a 48VDC pack. LBC (Lithium Battery Controller) card whic is designed by BATKON is used with proper software to control BattLion system.  Depending of the requirement BattLion can ve produced in 10 A to 100 Ah range. System supports Ethernet, RS485 and UCB interfaces. CDC card is controlled by LBC and it make charge and discharge current cut function and current measurement.

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