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LiCh - Smart Lithium Battery Charger System

LiCh is a Smart Lithium Battery Charging System designed by BATKON. Unlike ordinary battery chargers, LiCh controls the charging process by communicating with the BMS of the Lithium battery via CAN or RS485 interface. In this way, it can respond to the "reduction of the charging current" requests requested by the BMS in case of instability that may occur in the lithium battery. Thus, it provides safer and full charging of lithium batteries.

​While the SMPS power electronics technology used in the LiCh system provides AC-DC conversion efficiency up to 91.5%, it works in harmony with the AC mains parameters with its active PFC feature. Before the DC connection, the DC output is turned off with the "Output Enable" button, and after the battery is connected via the SB-50 connector, the battery voltage is detected by the system and presets are made automatically. With Output Enable, the charging system is connected to the battery and charging is started.

Technical Data


35 x 23 x 14 cm (H x W x D),    7 Kg


Input Supply Voltage: 180 - 264 VAC      Output: SB-50 type DC Socket

Maximum power : 3000 W

Output Voltage : 12 ... 58 VDC (CV) - adjustable with 0.1V steps

Output Current : 0-60 A (CC) - adjustable with 1A steps   

• Working Temperature: -20 ... 70 °C

• Relative Humidity: 90% RH

LiCh Features:

• Operational data can be monitored and CC/CV settings can be made via the 2.4 inch LCD touchscreen .

• Micro SD Interface: It can be used for recording system logs on Micro SD/MMC Memory or updating firmware.

• It can transfer data to remote servers with TCP/IP protocols over Wi-Fi. Data can be viewed with the browser over the embedded web server.

• System Status and Alarms with RGB LED.

• Measures system temperatures with NTC type temperature sensor

• With MOSFET driver (<5A pull down), it can open and close alarm contactors.

• Can read the output current as voltage from the Hall Effect Current Sensor.

• It can communicate with Battery Management Systems or Batkon BMSLion using MODBUS protocol with optional RS485 interface.

• Can communicate with BMSLion or other BMS with optional CAN-Bus interface.


• Safety : EN62368-1

• Safety : IEC60950 1

• EMC : EN55032 (CISPR32) Calss A 

• EMC : EN55032 (CISPR32) Class B

• EMC : EN61000-3-2,3

• EMI : EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11

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