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The Pro-DC system has an input block through which both the Lithium (LFP) battery pack can be charged and DC outputs are fed with a 600W rectifier from 220V AC network. The package consisting of 8 LFP cells controlled by LBC (Lithium BMS card) developed by Batkon, which feeds the 25.6V system busbar. By adding a 300W capacity MPPT featured "Solar Battery Charger", also developed by Batkon, the system can be fed with a standard 200-300W / 30-33V solar panel if desired. DC / DC converter units of 50W, 100W or 150W, which transform the voltage from the system busbar into 12V, 24V and 48V DC voltages, can feed the loads connected to them.

The LBC card can control the DC / DC converters one by one and turn the relevant output off and on when necessary. LBC hardware has interfaces that can be connected to remote management systems with Ethernet and RS485 interfaces. In this way, the energies of the camera, radar, telemetry sensor etc. systems can be monitored remotely and the power on / off of the terminal units can be switched on demand.

10-100 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells can be used in Pro-DC systems, depending on the power requirement of the equipment to be fed and the desired backup time. Since the high and low temperature performances of LFP cells are much better than alternative solutions, Pro-DC systems can operate with high performance in the temperature range of -20 ... +55 °C.

PRO-DC Lithium Battery DC Power System

for the Outdoor Applications

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