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SBC- MPPT Featured Solar Powered Battery Charge and Load Control System

SBC - (Solar Battery Charger) that can be fed from any type of solar panels with a power of 100-250 Wp (15 - 40 V) and provides the highest power that can be taken from the panel (MPPT) at the relevant time and sunshine angle by following the point where the solar panel gives maximum power with special embedded algorithms.

SBC module is designed to provide high efficiency (> 90%) and 12-24-36-48V Lead acid battery groups or Lithium battery packs can be charged with selected voltage range. The output current is set to 10 A max.

SBC modules are designed to support MODBUS protocol over RS485 physical interface in order to communicate with other systems. The module can communicate with a Lithium Battery Management System, for example, reducing the current at the end of the charge or preventing the lithium cells from going overcharge or underdischarge.

On the other hand, a command can be sent to the SBC from a higher level control system to turn on and off the "load" outputs of the module. In addition, the energy that the module draws from the solar panel during the day and the energy transferred to the battery / load can be sent to data recording systems on a second basis via MODBUS.protocol.

If desired, two RJ11 connectors are attached to the module and "daisy-chain" type RS485 connections are created. By communicating with each other more than one SBC, a battery group of higher power solar panels can be fed in parallel via SBCs.

The connector on the front left side of the SBC module has a dry contact relay output, TTL level control input, external NTC temperature sensor input and an analog input that can be connected to a light sensor.

On the back panel of the SBC module, there are power input from the solar panel, battery charge output and load connection output.


There is a "wireless communication daugther-board connector" on the circuit board which modules that will provide communication with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or another wireless standard can be attached. With the embedded software design studies to be done, the wireless communication and data exchange features of the SBC module with other systems are added.

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