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PESS i-Pack (Portable Energy Storage System)

The electrical energy needed by the teams arriving at the scene in case of natural disasters, accidents and emergencies was provided by diesel generators in traditional methods. However, generators that generate noise and toxic gas cannot be used in closed areas or in situations requiring silence, therefore units to store electrical energy are needed.

BATKON, "i-Pack, Portable Energy Storage System -PESS" was designed to meet such needs.

In the i-Pack130 model, 3 kWh of energy storage capacity is located in an IP-67 compatible carrying case that is lighter than 42 Kg. The maximum output power of the device from 220 VAC is designed as 1000 W. Similarly, it can be charged from 220 VAC with 1000W power. In the i-Pack330 version of the system, the output power can reach 3000 W.

The electronic Battery Management System (BMS)  controls the operation of the Lithium-Ion battery pack in safe conditions, and the i-pack 130B model includes an Ethernet interface and a built-in Web server, which is required for the local or internet management of the system.

The cooling system controlled by BMS provides the ventilation required by the battery pack and charger / inverter electronic equipment. When the system is in standby mode, if there is no need, the ventilation system is turned off by BMS and less energy is used from the battery pack.








Technicial Specifications
* 3 kWh energy storage capacity
* 220 VAC, 1 kVA output power
* Output short circuit protection
* It can be charged from the AC Mains or generator with 220 VAC 1 kVA power
* Long-lasting Lithium-ion battery technology for energy storage
* Electronic Battery Management System (BMS), which controls the charge / discharge and balancing status of lithium batteries
* Working on BMS; Embedded software that provides safe and long-lasting operation of the system by measuring the voltage, current and temperature values of the battery cells
* LED indicator showing charge level
* Monitoring the status of the system and setting system parameters with the Integrated Web Server that can be accessed locally or from the internet via RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 Mbps interface on the BMS.
* It can transmit system information to a server on the Internet via Ethernet
* USB-A interface that can save data logs to USB memory during BMS operation
* 2 pcs 220VAC ground type socket outlets with protective cover
* 2 USB-A type phone charging ports
* IEC320 C14 type 220VAC charging input with On / Off switch
* 42 Kg weight in a structure that can carry 2 people in accordance with EU standards (<50 Kg)
* IP67 class special box providing superior protection
* Electronic protection circuit that prevents the battery from drawing power when the system is in the "off" position.

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